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internet Marketing Solutions

internet Marketing Solutions

I'm never going to tell you, you need to buy my book. Only you know how much money you want to have, or if you want to build a different career. You are in charge of your Destiny! I'm just here to give you a helping hand along the way. Good luck to you.

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I'm Darrel Jones, creator of, "I'll Teach You In 7 Days How To Make $100,000". My  Formula, "How To Be The Best Salesman
and Make Incredible Money w/o a Harvard Degree", the book is co-authored by my wonderful wife Mary C. Jones. This Formula has been
used by thousands of young and old entrepreneurs in hundreds of different types of markets and niches to build many online and
offline products and businesses. Make extra money online.

It has made  an Incredible  Impact as  I have taught or coached
beginning business people, as well as veteran entrepreneur business owners.


Many of my clients had little or no experience at the beginning. My formula evolved from offline in the 70's, to
online in the 90's.
Constant updates in new technology has proven both important and beneficial. It still "fires me
up" every time a "beginner" goes from minimum wages, to building an important business.

As I spoke to audiences around the country and added coaching sessions an incredible impact occurred. So I decided to share
my "Formula" with others in a new book co-authored by my wife Mary C. Jones, it's titled "7 Days $100,000 Career-I'll Teach you in
7 days how to make $100,000 - How to be the Best Salesman and make Incredible Money w/o a Harvard Degree"

                          Darrel Jones

 Make Incredible income w/o a Harvard Degree. My Formula Is a step by step Method that has been Proven over & over. I will walk you through it, and tell you what to say, and when to say it. I'll tell you what to say in each email, and what to post in your blog.