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It's now over 18 years, since I started working with online business building, and over 40 years since I learned many of my offline "award winning techniques and methods",. It's been along journey from a career ending athletic injury to selling shoes, new cars, insurance, franchises, and now here to deliver tons of great selling techniques to you I found along the way. Learning incredible methods & ideas from outstanding professionals and combining the programs and procedures along with my management experience to help me build a solid foundation. I've enjoyed passing all this on to my students, who in return have built such tremendous businesses online and offline as well. It's a far cry from that first pair of shoes I put on a ladies feet as a salesman in the early 70's. Talk about humbling, well now it's time to pass on "My 10 Best Rules for Online & Offline Success". These rules came about with the years of experience, that so many pro's passed on to me. Just hard work and determination. Of course none of this would be possible with out my editor, and the guiding  post of my life, my wife Mary C. Jones, who I dedicate my books to. Make extra money online ...


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